Inside an agency

Understanding customers means getting close to them

Inside an agency

Staff management and development is a major element of your role as an NFU Mutual Farming Agent. As an employer you'll need to make sure you nurture your team and ensure that standards - and targets - are met. Find out more about the different roles that make up a typical agency, and how they will support you in the making your agency a success.


Non-farming Agents

As part of our ongoing commitment to growing our business, we have expanded into the commercial market so that more people can benefit from our service in the same way that our farming members have for over 100 years. As a Non-Farming Agent, you will use your sales experience and business acumen to attract customers who appreciate the value of local personal service.

Together our Farming and Non-Farming Agents work as a team within the agency, sharing experiences, providing the best service to our members, identifying opportunities for new sales as well as managing the day to day running of the agency.


Farming Agents

Agricultural members are incredibly important to NFU Mutual. Dedicated Farming Agents (who also act as farming union representatives) spend much of their time providing expert insurance advice as well as managing the agency office and staff. However, they also act as representatives of their respective farming union. This helps to build a high and valued profile within the area, and helps Agents connect with farmers, stakeholders and the rural community.

Day-to-day, this means acting as an advocate, communicating policies and services, recruiting and retaining members, and running events. The two roles go hand-in-hand, as many farming members are both customers of NFU Mutual and members of their respective farming union.


Office Manager

Office Managers have the vital task of making sure the agency office runs like clockwork. They report to the Senior or Assistant Agent and deliver exceptional administrative support - there role is to ensure that every customer is treated as an individual. Another key element of the role is managing and developing the support team.

Sales Executive

Sales Executives develop new business opportunities based on targets identified in the agency business plan, typically targeting an area or industry and then going out to win the business. And as it’s NFU Mutual, it's not all about a quick sale, instead it’s about inspiring customer loyalty and developing a tailored solution. Vital to the team, these talented professionals add both practical experience and an understanding of the importance of building trusting relationships.


Customer Service Adviser

Customer Service Advisers are the voice of an agency, championing the strong customer service ethic. The first point of contact for existing customers, Advisers are a key part of the office team, providing administrative and sales support.

Claims Administrator

Always on hand in the office, the Claims Administrators help Agents and Sales Executives with claims made by policyholders. Friendly, efficient and approachable, they use great telephone skills to swiftly resolve claims.


Life Introducers

These valued members of the team proactively approach potential and existing customers regarding Life insurance policies and Financial Services products. This is a key role that’s essential to the agency profitability.